Paul Shemella


Navy Captain (Ret.) Shemella has been with CCMR since 1998. His current program focuses on civil-military responses to terrorism of all types. In that capacity, he develops and teaches seminars and workshops worldwide. Captain (Ret.) Shemella is assisted in these efforts by a network of civilian and retired- military faculty members drawn from NPS, civilian universities, government organizations, and the private sector. He is the editor and principal author of the book, Fighting Back: What Governments Can Do About Terrorism,published by Stanford University Press in 2011. He retired from the Navy in 1996 after a career in Special Operations. During his military service, he planned and executed counter terrorism and counter narcotics operations in Latin America, Europe, and other regions.

Phone: 8316562903

Upcoming Events
May 11, 2015 To May 22, 2015

IDT Executive Course in Defense Decision Making

May 4, 2015 To May 8, 2015

Cybersecurity Policy and Practice

April 13, 2015 To April 24, 2015

Responses to Maritime Terrorism - 2 weeks

March 30, 2015 To April 10, 2015

CTFP Civil-Military Responses to Terrorism

March 16, 2015 To March 27, 2015

IDARM Principles of Defense Procurement and Contracting

March 2, 2015 To March 13, 2015

IDARM Principles of Defense Acquisition Management

February 23, 2015 To February 27, 2015

PR and R Approaches for the Reintegration of Ex-Combatants

January 26, 2015 To January 30, 2015

CTFP Joint and Interagency Planning for Combating Terrorism

December 1, 2014 To December 12, 2014

Responses to Maritime Terrorism - 2 weeks